O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou…”East Ham!”

Baz Luhrmann’s lavish production of Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet” drops in East Ham next Friday 8th March 2019, in the form of a pop-up cinema! E12 Cinema Club – the newest venture in the ever expanding world of cinema events is holding this wonderful film in the glorious setting of St. Barnabas Church. With drinks being provided by the Pretty Decent Beer Co (based in Newhams own Forest Gate) and Central Park Cafe supplying the food, the evening is set to be a cracker!

Georgina Raye from the E12 Cinema Club says “E12 Cinema Club is trying to utilise the spaces between the places to you want to go in Newham and where you can go but are too far to get to. We aim to bridge that gap and take these desirable locations and businesses and bring them to these sparse areas. We try to utilise unused (to the best of their capability) or old / new buildings and forgotten spaces for maximum impact. We really want this to invigorate the area and show these areas in a new light!” We could not agree more and cannot wait to see what future events they have in store for the area!

Released in 1997 “Romeo + Juliet” as it is more commonly known has an all star cast including Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in the films title roles. The film modernises the classic Shakespearean story with Luhrmann’s unique visionary twist bringing the tale into the modern era. Get your tickets here for the hottest event in town, and look out for further events by E12 Cinema Club by following their Facebook page here!

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