Decide what parking you require for your shoot from the options below and apply via FilmHub when sending in an application to film.

REQUIRED APPLICATION LEAD TIMES – below details the minimum lead time required for each parking application. We always recommend providing greater lead time where possible to guarantee approval.

Parking Types

Bay Suspensions

(Min 10 Working Days Notice)

You must upload an accurate parking map when applying for bay suspensions via FilmHub (specific details required on the map are highlighted on FilmHub when applying for suspensions).

Film Permit Waiver

(Not Available Currently)

These enable vehicles to park in any empty, available bay(s) in an individual zone in the borough where available.

Applicable bays include: P&D, Permit & Shared Use only.

  • Film Parking Waivers can only be applied for one individual parking zone at a time – i.e. ‘A3’

Download Parking Zone Map

SYL and DYL Waivers

(Min 10 Working Days Notice)

These enable vehicles to park on available single yellow line or double yellow line in specific streets in Newham – emergency vehicles access must be maintained at all times.

For both types of waivers, individual vehicle registration numbers are required – speak directly to The Film Office team if unable to provide vehicle registration details.

Parking will be retracted and charges applicable if cones are used without specific permission from Newham Film Office.

Parking Charges

  • Parking Bay suspensions
    • Per bay, per day
    • P+D Bays
    • Resident Bays
    • Shared Use Bays
  • Small Film Permit Waiver
    • Per day
    • Car or Transit
    • up to 5.5m
    • equivalent of one bay
  • MEDIUM Film Permit Waiver
    • Per day
    • E.g. Luton Van
    • up to 7.5m
    • equivalent of 1.5 bays
  • Large SYL/DYL Waiver
    • Per day
    • Outsized Vehicles
    • 7.5m plus
    • equivalent of 2 bays+

Parking applications require a minimum of 10 working days notice and all parking applications must be received before 12:00 (on the final day’s notice).

Administration Fees

A single administration fee of £200 +VAT is applicable on each parking application if suspension is less than three days.

A single administration fee of £400 +VAT is applicable on each parking application if suspension is three or more days.

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