The Film Office helps power ITV to get the nation eating more Veg!

In December 2018, The Film Office helped provide locations for ITV and Veg Power teaming up on a new advertising initiative to get the nation eating our greens.

Veg Power and ITV announced a major new advertising campaign to get people eating more vegetables, and the entertaining commercial was released in January 2019, featuring Newham and one of our Private Locations, Millennium Mills.

The production used the exterior of the building to act out a war between the vegetables and the public, being portrayed as baddies attempting to take over the world! After emerging zombie-like from the ground, the mischeious greens draw power from the sun before going out on a rampage.

Toby Haak, Location Manager for the shoot commented, “Newham offers a variety of industrial locations great for filming. Millennium Mills was the ideal derelict back drop we needed for the scenes. The turn around was quick from The Film Office, we shot one day at the location and got all the scenes we needed for the commercial. Let’s hope the campaign makes a big difference to children’s views on eating healthily.”

Emily, Film Officer on the job quoted. “It’s great to see such a major new national campaign using our Newham sites for filming. It was the perfect location for a campaign such as this, giving the production a large expanse of industrial land to utilise for the scenes.”

Check out the campaign for ITV here  and the video.

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