It’s Ok not to be Ok: Carers within the Film Industry

1 in 8 adults are carers.

Caring takes many forms and responsibilities. Whether you’re a child, adult or elderly, looking after a friend, relative or partner due to illness, disability, addiction or simply someone that cannot cope without your support, then you are a carer. The care & support carers provide is unpaid.

Many carers don’t see themselves as carers and it takes them an average of two years to acknowledge their role as a carer.

It’s likely that every one of us will have caring responsibilities at some time in our live. Many carers juggle their caring responsibilities around work, study and other family commitments.

Carers often also have to deal with internal battles of guilt, self worth, stress and anxiety which is no doubt emotionally draining and sadly, so many carers are living in silence.

As the majority of the film industry is freelance, where there is no such thing as paid leave, caring for your loved one can mean losing work, momentum and income. As an industry we need to talk more about juggling work, caring and the roles and issues these create on our mental and physical health and wellbeing as well as career.

Raising Films has launched a survey that investigates the scale of caring responsibilities undertaken by people working in screen and television. It aims to increase industry understanding of this issue, whilst looking into how to provide support to carers. Read more and complete the survey here.

Deadline for the survey is 19th April.

Results will be published in line of Carers Week, 10th – 16th June 2019

More information for carers can be found at:

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