London Royal Docks come aboard with The Film Office!


One of the largest enclosed Docks in the world, London Royal Docks in East London is every productions ideal filming and photography location and The Film Office are delighted to announce we now exclusively manage, support and promote filming for RoDMA.

Whether looking for vast amounts of still water for high speed sequences or an industrial backdrop for London city skyline, the Docks can provide the perfect backdrop for productions.

In the past years, The Dock has seen many feature films such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Sherlock Holmes, Criminal, James Bond & high-end TV Dramas such as Stan Lee’s Lucky Man film at their locations. Offering Industrial Bridges, Pontoon Docks, a functional Water Pumping Station, and numerous wasteland areas for productions to film or unit base in we look forward to booking more film shoots throughout these areas in 2018.

Whether it’s for a PR stunt, film, commercial, stills or event the docks will continue to welcome high profile clients this year across its 7 locations. One impressive new feature is the Impound Station Pump House which pumps 200 litres of water into the dock from the Thames per second. The pumphouse was built in 1912 with features including high ceilings and an industrial work house environment available for filming.

Other sites include:

Toni Cox at RoDMA said “We are delighted to have The Film Office take on board filming and photography bookings for the dock. We have always found their knowledge of the boroughs really helpful and we trust with their 25 years of experience with filming in London that they will be booking interesting new projects with us for 2018. I feel confident to hand over the responsibility for managing filming projects on our behalf, as they have a genuine interest in making this work for RoDMA”.

Ed Gramolt said, “We are excited to welcome London Royal Docks into our growing portfolio of land owners and we look forward to an exciting and promising future, managing the Docks for filming. We welcome enquiries for filming both around and on the water at the Docks, enabling productions to manage their shoots more seemlessly than ever before.”

Contact us now to discuss all potential sites and logistics and find out what the Docks can offer your production.

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