Theft of Camera Equipment in London

To All Our Film Makers,

There has been a spate of high value thefts across London of camera equipment from media companies including BBC, ITN, Sky and Turner Broadcasting amounting to approximately 46 offences.

These thefts are being conducted by suspects on mopeds whom have been targeting media vans.

Predominately there are two suspects on a single moped where they will sit waiting for the crews to load the equipment into or from the van, they will then steal this either whilst the crews backs are turned from the back of the van or by physically snatching the camera from the crew.

The core interest is in the actual camera and accessories have been dumped in the past.

This is happening pan london and previously been marked as opportunist theft however after a meeting with the BBC, ITN and Turner Broadcasting this does seem to be targeted crime. The equipment theft types range, but are all of high value and are specialist equipment.

As a visitor to our borough, please stay alert and beware of such activity taking place so as not to suffer from such thefts when on location.

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