Filming In Newham

Newham Film Office recognises the cultural and economic importance of the film industry to the borough, London and the UK at large.

We promote filming and make the process of obtaining permission in Newham quick and easy.


Pressure on London streets from all who live, work and travel through has never been greater, so professional behaviour and a commitment to 'best industry practice' is essential.

Film London, along with all London Borough Film Offices (BFO's), established a protocol for filming called the 'Code of Practice' which includes your obligations under the law. 

These being known they can be taken into account at an early stage of planning and built into the schedule rather than added on - and we expect all film makers to adhere to the code.

Since these obligations are best practice currently applied by the Industry to minimise the effects of a film unit on location and to avoid problems arising, they will not inhibit film-making in any way.


If you are looking for any more information about filming in the borough please follow the link below to

We look forward to working with you soon and helping you manage your shoot.

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