Planning Your Shoot

Given that London is a constanly evolving city, it's crucial productions give prior thought to the practicalities of their shoot. The Film Office have compiled a selection of useful links to help manage your shoot:

Letter Drop (Resident and business template letter):

Successful filming relies upon local residents and businesses receiving at least one-week's notice.

Gif _template _letter

You can download the Resident and business template letter here (21k Word file) here.

Newham Roadworks

Search by postcode or street name and then date to find out what engineering may be going on in your area.


Red Routes

You may have difficulties planning a shoot on a highway which is designated as a red route. Although only taking up 5% of London's road network, they handle 30% of the city's traffic. Check if you will be affected.


Green Screen

Gif _PDF4

Green Screen identifies key action areas that are likely to have the greatest impact in dramatically decreasing the environmental impact of screen production - both on location and in the studio.

Download the Green Screen Summary here (3.8mb)