Large Productions Galore Satisfy Newham’s ‘Krave’ings for Filming Across the Borough

This season, here at the Newham Film Office, managed by the Film Office we are preparing to host another summer of productions. Following a successful year in 2022 that saw a 15% increase in filming over stats from 2021, we’re sure 2023 is set for another bumper year and we can’t wait to see who pays Newham a visit. Below is a compilation of just a few of the fantastic productions to utilise Newham’s great film locations over recents months. Check them out!


One of Netflix’s most popular series ‘YOU’ took a trip across the pond for it’s fourth season with antagonist Joe finding himself in London town itself after following Marianne, his love interested from season 3.

The production filmed scenes for the final episode at one of our private locations in Gallion’s Reach. Victoria Dock Footbridge, was used to film scenes that involved a character jumping into the river. Although no such stunt was actually performed, the production used clever camera angles to give the illusion of the fall, and at the risk of spoilers we’ll say no more!

Lauhren Jones, the Film Officer on the job said “Having such a renowned production film with us is always very exciting and we were delighted to welcome YOU to London and to the area to film such exciting scenes. Naturally these large scale productions come with their own complexities but we’re well adversed with managing sensitive shoots such as this, and given the size and scale of what they wanted to do, the shoots weren’t without their challenges. However with the right consultation and planning YOU filmed without a hitch and it looks fabulous on screen too!”

We’re sure you’ve already binged it but if you haven’t – check out the trailer below and all episodes are now available to stream on Netflix.

Kraven The Hunter

The newest instalment to Marvel’s ever expanding storylines, Kraven The Hunter, is the visceral story about how one of Marvel’s most iconic villains came to be. With their ambitious briefs and huge fan following there’s never a dull moment when Marvel rolls into town. Here at the Newham Film Office we’re always delighted when such large productions chose the borough to film in because what better way to showcase our fantastic, versatile locations than the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

The production set up at Silvertown Square for a month last year to rehearse, set build and film scenes involving helicopters and stunts – you can keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peak in the trailer below! With a 300 strong crew this filming involved a set build to make the location look like a container yard, rehearsals for the helicopter stunt and a week of filming.  Such large shoots require months of planning to ensure minimal disruption and all things run smoothly.

Kraven The Hunter is set for cinema release in October, take a look at the trailer below!

Grime Kids 

BBC Three’s upcoming series ‘Grime Kids’, created by Theresa Ikoko, writer of the BAFTA-nominated coming-of-age film Rock, follows a group of young adults growing up in the late 1990s, dreaming of being able to make their voice heard through grime music. Although Grime Kids is fictional, DJ Target’s 2019 non-fiction book of the same name serves as inspiration. It is a festival of culture and a celebration of East London, and the consistently developing kind of grime.

Speaking about the setting of the series, creator Theresa Ikoko says “It’s a real privilege to showcase the communities of east London in my writing. I’ve had the pleasure of calling east London home for most of my life. I hope the love I have for this special part of the world shines through in this show.”

Grime Kids filmed in Newham several times with shoots taking place on Bidder Street with the characters trying to sneak through a crowd into a Nightclub and a large shoot in Queen’s Market that involved setting up their own stalls to film both dialogue and a chase scene between the main characters and a market inspector.

There’s yet to be a release date announced or an official trailer released but you can check out the teaser here! 

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