Newham: The Underpass Mecca of the East

Newham has seen a steady stream of filming at underpasses this month, with 3 music related shoots taking place.

Firstly, the up and coming artist “Hamzaa” performed scenes from her music video “Write it Down” in Manor Park. This fantastic underpass runs underneath a train track, and has a gritty, urban feel with graffitied walls and a cycle track running directly through the centre of it. It is a former road that has been converted into a public highway and can be easily managed to cater to a variety of productions. Look out for the music video across social media platforms as its due to drop soon!

Secondly Abbey Lane Underpass is the gift that keeps on giving! In the last month we’ve accommodated a short film, retracing the roots of British Sound System culture, and more recently a shoot for Apple Music in conjunction with Everyman Cinema.

“Abbey Lane Underpass is a versatile space with film friendly residents, ideal for one of our 1950s – 1970s exterior locations – The Film Office team are a pleasure to work with & always go above and beyond to help me with the most challenging briefs” (Location Manager, Mark Rolfe).

Megan, from Newham Film Office, managed by The Film Office says: “Abbey Lane is a versatile location which offers a mix of Gothic houses on a quiet and controllable road. The Greenway provides a vantage point of the road & also a graphic underpass which can accommodate vehicles (no through road). It was great to facilitate 3 professionally managed productions at these underpasses and we look forward to welcoming more productions to these locations.”

Follow the link here to see the Everyman Cinema Commercial!

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