Stratford Town Centre Improvements

In Autumn 2017, Newham Council started works to introduce two-way traffic around the town centre to make living in and travelling through Stratford easier and more enjoyable for all their residents and visitors. The road works are progressing well and are due to be completed by spring 2019. The entire town centre changed to two-way on Monday 22 October 2018.

There are now new separated cycle lanes on pavements in the town centre and designated crossing points over the cycle lanes for pedestrians to get to bus stops, local shops and the main roads. Going forward there will be coloured surfacing at these crossing points to make it clearer for everyone to get around easier.

Traffic coming from Romford Road can now turn right into The Grove. This is a new and more direct route to Stratford Station and Theatre Square for people travelling from Forest Gate, Manor Park and beyond.

Its great to see the transformation to the area, allowing cyclists, drivers and pedestrians easy passage through the town centre.

This week, they have also reinstalled Stratfords much-loved Railway Tree Sculpture on the High Street. I’m sure we can all agree its great to see it back home in its rightful place!

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