The Boleyn Ground’s Grand Finale in Cinemas September 2018

The highly anticipated action feature film starring Dave Bautista and Pierce Brosnan releases on 7th September 2018!

Back in May 2016, West Ham United played their last match at their then stadium – the Boleyn Ground. Two years later, movie goers and football fans get to see the iconic East London stadium return to life in this action-packed film starring WWE wrestler Dave Bautista and ex-007 Pierce Brosnan.

The premise is simple: Upton Park is suddenly seized by a group of heavily armed criminals demanding ransom – Michael Knox (Bautista) is an ex-soldier who must use all his military skills to save the 35,000-capacity crowd at the football match, one of which is the daughter of his fallen comrade.

Final Scroe

Scott Mann’s new film ticks all the boxes of Action/Thriller movies. It even features West Ham fans and Newham residents as extras and a motorbike chase through the stadium concourse set to Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Filming took place during the summer of 2016 prior to the area being developed and combines plenty of pursuits, gunfire, drones and explosions. The Newham Film Office, managed by The Film Office, were on hand to advise and monitor all aspects of filming throughout.

Managing Director Dominic Reeve-Tucker said at the time “Newham Film Office worked closely with the production to ensure community benefits were created, with: local community members working as extras in the film; offering local companies the opportunity to have their logos and signage on display around the stadium and featuring on screen; and contributions were generated for a local charity from UK cinema admissions.”

Overall the production represents a throughly well managed shoot enabling collaboration with local people and and hugely entertaining action adventure around one of the UK’s most iconic sporting venues.

You can watch the trailer here and make sure you catch the full movie in cinema’s next month!

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