Department of Transport consultation ‘Taking Flight: The Future of Drones in the UK’

Recently published by the Department of Transport:

“Dear Stakeholder,

We wanted to let you know that today we are publishing our consultation ‘Taking Flight: The Future of Drones in the UK’. The measures in the consultation are part our wider drones programme and strategy, and will help shape the content of a draft Drones Bill which will be published later this year, as well as other future measures.

  • The measures under consultation include:
  • Proposals for regulating and mandating the use of ‘apps’ on which pilots would file flight plans ahead of take-off
  • Additional powers for the police to enforce the law
  • Using new counter-drone technology to protect public events and critical national infrastructure, and stop contraband reaching prisons
  • Introducing minimum age restrictions for drone owners in addition to the new tests they will need to take
  • Whether the 1km restriction around aerodromes, introduced as an amendment to the Air Navigation Order in May this year, is sufficient.

You can find a link to the consultation here and it will run until 17 September 2018.

We would appreciate your help in reaching out to your contacts and encouraging them to contribute their views to the consultation.

Thank you,

DfT Drones Team”

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