Newham – London’s new filming hotspot!

Bombs, Stunts, Explosions – 2016’s top TV Dramas, Hollywood & Bollywood Blockbusters, Athletics World Championships, Top Fashion Still Shoots, BBC Christmas Idents and Great British Bake-Off. The Newham Film Office has seen it all over the past couple of months.

Film Officer Director Dominic Reeve-Tucker says “Filming in Newham has been on the increase and we are delighted to continue ensuring that the industry is able to make full use of the borough’s locations”.

Last year began with the World Athletics Championship using the Carpenters Estate in their promo. The versatile estate offered unusual concrete architecture, a mixture of residential properties and multiple vantage points – perfect for capturing a 200 strong crowd of extras running! You can see the full clip here, see if you recognise any familiar faces!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 At 16.10.55

James Corden took a break from Karaoke Carpool and instead fancied a drive around Newham as part of’s commercial. We helped facilitate the filming on Royal Albert Way with Corden’s vehicle being followed by another 30 cars, all in pursuit to hit those green traffic lights. Full consultation with local stakeholders, residents and businesses ensured the night shoot was a great success.

Paul Manwarring (Location Manager) had this to say about the shoot:

“One of the key challenges we had when planning the shoot was the lack of time to turn everything around. We knew we would need a road closure in place to shoot our hero car and 30 action vehicles from a Russian Arm. It needed to look impressive.

Contacting the Newham Film Office was one of the first calls I made. Working with the Newham Film Office made the whole process possible. They were able to turn around a large road closure and facilitate a sizeable crew within 2 weeks notice.

The client was delighted. My director, Fredrik Bond, loved it. And I walked away with all the credit. So thank you everyone at the Newham Film Office. A job well done”

View Corden in action HERE!

We also welcomed Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) to our Newham Dockside (Building 1000). CEF is a non-profit organisation that raises money through stock photography and passes the revenues to a range of charity partners worldwide to improve education, economic sustainability and health, and we were more than pleased to help them find their perfect location! As Newham Dockside is a working town hall, we liaised with facilities managers to eliminate any of their concerns and ensured that additional Security and staff were booked in order to monitor the crew and ensure all ran smoothly on the day.

Melody Jacobson (Operations Manager) said:  CEF raises funds for its programs and projects through the donation and sale of images created at shoots like this one. We hope you found it rewarding, it looked like a beautiful shoot and we couldn’t have done it without your talent.

CEF supports a variety of health, education and sustainable economic development programs and projects in developing countries. In the past 10 years, they have supported projects and programs in 10 countries, including schools and artisan projects in Guatemala, as well as fresh water projects, bridges and schools in Ethiopia and Cambodia. They also have supported projects and programs in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, India, Nepal and Peru. It was a pleasure to work with the production and are happy that the final photographs will contribute to a great cause.

Thanks to everybody we’ve worked with over the past year.

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